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NC Catch Board Members- What An Incestuous Bunch

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Printed Date: 07 May 2021 at 12:44am
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Topic: NC Catch Board Members- What An Incestuous Bunch
Posted By: Rick
Subject: NC Catch Board Members- What An Incestuous Bunch
Date Posted: 25 January 2017 at 4:08pm

Another example of the incestuous relationship between SeaGrant, NCDMF, NCDA&CS and our research universities that is preventing proper resource management.  Everyone is scratching each others backs.

No one is minding the cash register while our important stocks are being depleted.

Has anybody ever looked at these board members.  Loaded up with SeaGrant, NCDMF and NCDA&CS.

Mikki Sager is interesting-  Conservation Fund." rel="nofollow -

Does Mikki have a clue that she's supporting unsustainable gear and practices?  Does she understand the issues associated with bycatch?

Maybe she doesn't understand what NC Catch really supports.  Send her an email and let her know-" rel="nofollow -

Ann Simpson is interesting also-" rel="nofollow -

"Simpson served in communications and fundraising positions with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, The Nature Conservancy, N.C. Environmental Defense Fund, the national Wetlands America program of Ducks Unlimited and UNC-TV. She currently serves on the board of the N.C. Coastal Land Trust."

What in the world does a nice lady like Ann with all those stellar credentials not understand about unsustainable catch.

Please help her understand-" rel="nofollow -

Here goes the "farm" crowd thinking unsustainable wild-caught gathering is farming.

I'm sure John Day is a nice guy at NCSU-" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow -

or Call Commissioner Troxler at (919) 707-3021  or email" rel="nofollow -

You can find other emails in this link.  You should really google some of those names.  You just might have business relations with one or two of them." rel="nofollow -

More evidence of the incestuous relationship between those who should be monitoring and those being regulated and those that should just focus on their own area of employment within state government.

Why are members of executive branch agencies actively fighting/lobbying against much needed change being considered by an executive branch commission?

NC Fisheries Management- Motto: Too Little, Too Late, Too Bad   Slogan: Shrimp On! Mission Statement: Enable Commercial Fishing At Any and All Cost, Regardless of Impact to the Resource.

Posted By: cnaff
Date Posted: 26 January 2017 at 4:39pm
My voluminous ignorance and self-absorption dictate that I ask you, Rick, for a bit of background upon which to gain a handle on the reasons I should seize upon to criticize these seemingly paradoxical actors. It would seem logical in good ol different that their positions and/or appointments to the ostensibly resource oriented organizations they front, could be part of the cover sought by their original backers, who, quite possibly had them installed there for the purposes of obfuscating at the fresh local catch level. The possibility that they aren't in their positions by accident, and therefore thoroughly know their role, suggests it could be analogous to reporting fishery abuses to the DMF, or expecting regulatory capture to produce members of the status quo crowd to suddenly support conservation of finfish and the nursery. I would certainly experience anger and blood pressure spiking if I realized I was only casting pearls to swine. I request a little analysis of the outward implications of their organizational positions which anywhere else might belie their carrying of water for the forces which successfully demand no conservation oriented action? Here in the NC process, they might be perfectly gifted at carrying their conflict, as it might just be their job description, with no conflict at all. Thanks.

V/H Dog

Posted By: Redfisher
Date Posted: 26 January 2017 at 5:12pm

Man, I love reading your posts.

Posted By: Rick
Date Posted: 14 February 2021 at 10:40am
This cold rainy Sunday had me doing a little “fisheries” work. The 2017 YouTube video below with Bland Simpson (Our State Magazine) popped up on a search. It’s a well done video selling a very FALSE narrative.

Romanticizing the Unsustainable- Why?

Bland Simpson...NC Coastal Federation board member.

Simpson’s wife Ann is a board member of Sea Grant and holds the Chair. In 2017, Ann was Executive Director of NC Catch...she may still hold that position. Remembering that reminded me of this post.

The Simpsons are part of the swamp of fisheries management that has to be drained before we can move towards sustainable fisheries- absent a successful lawsuit.

Swampites like the Simpsons need to understand the real story or the public needs to understand that they are just an example of the incestuous relationship between our government agencies and universities that has helped facilitate and protect regulatory capture of our fisheries management system by the large fish dealers.

Commercial trawling today is not the story they are selling. Why perpetuate the lies of the NCFA? Commercial fishing in NC has little resemblance to the history or heritage that drove local coastal villages seventy to eighty years ago.

Direct link if the video below isn't loading-" rel="nofollow -


NC Fisheries Management- Motto: Too Little, Too Late, Too Bad   Slogan: Shrimp On! Mission Statement: Enable Commercial Fishing At Any and All Cost, Regardless of Impact to the Resource.

Posted By: Rick
Date Posted: 03 March 2021 at 7:18pm
 It looks like I hit a nerve-

Any work the NCFA has willingly done on bycatch reduction was done because the industry knew the Feds were coming and wanted to choose a BRD versus having one mandated or the studies were a delaying tactic against real measures to address bycatch and habitat destruction.

Let's look at the 2015, 2016 and 2017 industry led bycatch reduction trials for which the industry, SeaGrant and DMF claim a 40% to 57% reduction...that incestuous group.

In 2009 Kevin Brown conducted a bycatch characterization study in the Pamlico Sound. This was back when trawlers were using a TED and a single BRD. Brown's study found a 3.3-to-1 bycatch ratio to shrimp.

91,363 pounds of non-targeted bycatch divided by 27,948 pounds of shrimp = 3.3 ratio

In 2016, SeaGrant, DMF (Brown) and the industry ran tests on BRD combinations to achieve a "40%" reduction. The successful gear combo they identified was a 4" bar spaced TED, a second BRD (a federal fisheye) and a 1-3/4" mesh tailbag.

The problem is the "researchers" had to dumb down the control net to a 1-1/2" tailbag in order to increase the bycatch ratio to 6.3-to-1 so that the "test" net could achieve a 3.6-to-1 ratio to meet that 40% reduction.

The industry was already using a 1-3/4" tailbag. The late Steve Parrish (the honest gear specialist on the industry panel) told the reduction team this at a meeting in New Bern. I was there sitting on the front row, heard it and took notes.  Somehow that discussion never found its way into the "official" minutes of that meeting.  Imagine that.

The second BRD does absolutely nothing to reduce juvenile finfish bycatch. It was smoke-n-mirrors. If the "incestuous bunch" wanted to truly test gear for bycatch reduction, they would have tested one variable at a time. That was never the case. There were always multiple variable changes on every test gear. The reason was to hide the fact that the true reduction was coming from the 1-3/4" tailbag, a size mesh the large industrial trawlers, that land the majority of shrimp in NC, were already using.

There was no reduction.

The whole thing was an orchestrated delaying tactic to keep from addressing the real need- banning trawlers from our rivers, bays, sounds and creeks or at absolute minimum- implementing major area closures, seasons and gear restrictions.

In 1930, the state of NC understood the problem. What changed?

...more later on "commercial fishing families".

NC Fisheries Management- Motto: Too Little, Too Late, Too Bad   Slogan: Shrimp On! Mission Statement: Enable Commercial Fishing At Any and All Cost, Regardless of Impact to the Resource.

Posted By: TomM
Date Posted: 03 March 2021 at 10:08pm
Ol Brent obviously does not understand incestuous in this context

Posted By: Rick
Date Posted: 04 March 2021 at 9:36am
...commercial fishing families-

For years the NCFA has been going to Raleigh telling the legislature and administration that they are speaking for the average commercial fisherman- "that shoeless, poor soul who wears out his deodorant before he washes it off".

The NCFA is looking after themselves, the handful of big dealers who are setting the dockside value paid to that man or woman on the water pulling the gear.

How does that influence, the Regulatory Capture, affect the real working waterman families?

Let's look at flounder in this post.

Back in 2010 when Louis Daniel was director of DMF, Dr. Daniel set the Summer Flounder (fish harvested in the ocean using trawls off New England) in two seasons- Spring and Fall.

In 2010 the spring season started in the January and ended on April 15.  The fall season started on Nov 15th and ended on Dec 31.

Dr. Daniel set the season this way in order to protect the price local commercial families were paid for Southern flounder caught in our estuaries using gillnets, pound nets and gigs.  Dr. Daniel knew that if the ocean flounder season ran concurrently, or just prior, with the "internal waters" season that multiple industrial scale trawlers landing up to 11,000 pounds each would flood the market and crash the dockside value of flounder for the small commercial fisherman.  Dr. Daniel set the opening for the fall ocean season on Nov 15th just before the inside season was ending and most of inside harvest was over due to fall migration.  There was only a two week overlap from Nov 15th until the inside season closed on Dec 1.  

Now lets look at 2020, after full Regulatory Capture by the large dealers, who predominately control NC's quota for the ocean flounder fishery using their own industrial trawlers.

The spring season was set from Jan 1 to Feb 14, April 3 to June 30 and July 1 to Aug 31.  During the later two periods, a vessel could land 15,000 pounds of flounder per trip.

When the "internal waters" flounder season opened on Sept 15th for the small commercial fisherman, the large dealers had the market fully supplied with flounder.  Those same dealers set the dockside price for the small waterman.

It's not just flounder, the large dealers also control the shrimp market, more on that later.



NC Fisheries Management- Motto: Too Little, Too Late, Too Bad   Slogan: Shrimp On! Mission Statement: Enable Commercial Fishing At Any and All Cost, Regardless of Impact to the Resource.

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